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As a result of the ability to gauge minimum water flow at night, it is possible to identify which segments of the network should receive priority attention with regard to water loss. WMI uses essentially acoustic devices such as ground microphones, leak noise correlators, and acoustic noise loggers for leak detection. Concurrently, WMI prepares, coordinates, and implements flow and pressure-metering initiatives for a better understanding of the network’s.
One problem that water-system managers must solve and/or prevent from recurring is inadequate metering. To help prevent under-reporting of water use, WMI provides technical solutions along with a water meter-renewal policy that features diagnostics and reliability-testing. For large consumers, WMI offers a specialized service that consists of an in-depth study of water meters and network connections to determine if they are appropriate to the user’s level of water consumption. WMI also implements programs to enhance the consumer management of water-distribution systems from a commercial standpoint.
Training is focused on identifying the most effective means of detecting, gauging, and interpreting the causes of water loss. Training programs rely heavily on field applications and exist for all categories of staff. As a complement to training, WMI ensures knowledge-transfer to clients to enhance their ability to operate their water-distribution systems autonomously.
WMI uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to create or update water-distribution network maps. GIS is further used to develop network hydraulic models, which, in turn, are used to simulate the effects and results of different flow and pressure settings. Modelling is also useful as a decision tool for investments planning. future investments in the network.
It is WMI’s firm view that optimizing water-distribution networks results in improved service and rationalized investments. WMI helps clients enhance their water-system management through innovative technologies and best practices. WMI designs and implements solutions for the effective hydraulic zoning of water-distribution systems. It also upgrades existing systems through more efficient segmentation. Other resources and practices may be used, including pressure reduction and modulation, optimizing bulk-metering system, and the remote management of network devices.
WMI has the expertise, related partners and suppliers to the implementation of pilot work, rehabilitation and optimization of supply water system. WMI implements sectorization work, installation of valves, pressure control systems, macro-counters, domestic meters, measuring equipment and remote management systems.
Integrated Assessment of Non Revenue Water of the drinking water supply system of Dar es Salaam and preparation of an action plan to reduce Non Revenue Water from 60% to 45%.
Reduce as much as possible the physical water losses in the critical water supplying area (WSA) of Casablanca city (supplying time 24h/24h), Lydec, delegated authority operating on the network with the aim of reaching as soon as possible an overall network efficiency of 85%.